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Layout of Car & Working of a Car
1. Layout of Car 2. Working of Car
Different Terms Used In Automobile
Here we will know about the terms and defination related to automobile industry.
All About Automobile Engineering [Fundamental Course]
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Let’s learns more about how a car get start :-

Step 1 :- Turns the Key in the ignition

Step 2 :- When we give ignition,  The  car battery power up

Step 3 :- Car battery power up and sending the power to the starter motor

Step 4 :- Now starter motor turns the crankshaft (Rotational) due to which piston gets motion (Reciprocating)

Step 5 :- With the piston moving the engine fires up and tick over

Step 6 :- A fan draws air into the engine via an air filter (which removes the dirt and grit from the air)

Step 7 :- The cleaned air is drawn into a chamber where fuel (Petrol or Diesel) is added

Step 8 :- This fuel-air mix (a vaporised gas) is stored in the chamber

Step 9 :- Driver presses the accelerator pedal & the throttle valve is opened

Step 10 :- The gas-air mix passes through an intake manifold and is distributed, through intake valves, into the cylinder. (Here camshaft control the opening and closing of the valves)

Step 11 :-  The distributor makes the spark plugs, which ignites the fuel-air mix. The resulting explosion forces a piston to move down which in turn causes the crankshaft.

Step 10 :-  Flywheel is connected to crankshaft. As the crankshaft rotate, Flywheel also rotate (Flywheel used to stored the mechanical energy of the engine).

Step 11 :- Now clutch comes into the play which is used to connect or disconnect the flywheel and gear box. When press the clutch flywheel get disconnect from the gearbox shaft) Then We can easily change the gear box without any load on the gearbox.

Step 12 :- Gear box is connected to differential through the propeller shaft. Now rotating power goes to differential. And Differential rotate the Wheel of car.

As Car start moving on the road. That’s how a car work. 

For deep understanding of the every parts. We will study ahead of this course.

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