NCERT/CBSE class 12th English notes provided by (Wisdom Education Academy)

Here We are providing all subject wise pdf notes to student for their help to get good marks in exam.

In this post you will get Download CBSE 2020-21 Chemistry PDF notes given below by to excel in the exam. is a platform where you can get pdf notes from 6th to 12th class notes, General Knowledge post, Engineering post, Career Guidelines , English Speaking Trick , How to crack interview and lots more.

CBSE Class 12 English Notes

Class 12 English Flamingo Summary & Notes

  1. The Last Lesson
  2. Lost Spring Summary
  3. Deep Water Summary
  4. The Rattrap Summary
  5. Indigo Summary
  6. Poets and Pancakes Summary
  7. The Interview Summary
  8. Going Places Summary
  9. My Mother at Sixty-six Summary
  10. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Summary
  11. Keeping Quiet Summary
  12. A Thing of Beauty Summary
  13. A Roadside Stand Summary
  14. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Summary

Class 12 English Vistas Summary

  1. Third Level Summary
  2. The Tiger King Summary
  3. The Enemy Summary
  4. Journey to the End of the Earth Summary
  5. Should Wizard Hit Mommy? Summary
  6. On the Face of It Summary
  7. Evans Tries an O-level Summary Memories of Childhood Summary

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