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Wisdom TechSavvy Academy
Wisdom TechSavvy AcademyOnline Personal Coaching Classwisdomeduacademy2019@gmail.com
Contact Us Online Personal Coaching Class For Class 6th to 12th (Specially for class 9th & 10th : Maths, Science) (For Class 11th & 12th : Physics , Chemistry ) Contact Us 8750387081 [we are also provide training course for HVAC Design and Drafting Online at very affordable price]

    Wisdom Academy

    wisdom academy has two wings which are run by aim foundation (aim for education and social development). First Wing is Wisdom Education Academy and The Second Wing is Wisdom TechSavvy Academy.

    Wisdom Education Academy

    Wisdom Education Academy Providing Online and Offline Coaching Classes Up to 12th Class.


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    Wisdom TechSavvy Academy

    Wisdom TechSavvy Academy provide the technical courses on online and offline mode.


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    AIM FOUNDATION (Govt. Rgt.)

    Ambition In Mind For Education and Social Development (Aim Foundation)

    Website: aimfoundation2020.blogspot.com 

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    Er. Mohd Sharif Blogs

    Mohd Sharif has completed his graduation from GGSIP University in Mechanical Engineering. He has vast experience in teaching around 12+ years & 4+ year in industry. He is a bloger at www.free-education.in Youtube Creater at Wisdom Academy Youtube Channel. He is following his dream to provide quality education at minimum cost.
    Er. Mohd Sharif

    Er. Mohd Sharif

    Founder : Aim Foundation & Wisdom Academy

    Wisdom Education Academy

    Wisdom Education Academy Provide Coaching Class Up to 12th Class. For 1st to 10th : All Subjects. For 11th to 12th : Science Stream/Commerce Stream/Arts Stream Students. We are providing Online/Offline Classes. Fees is very nominal...

    Wisdom TechSavvy Academy

    Wisdom TechSavvy Academy Provide Technical Courses Online/Offline. Courses we provide are : I am maker (MadScientist) / SmartCoder / Robo-Scientist / Be a Young Entrepreneur / HVAC Design and Drafting / AutoCAD / Personality Development / Spoken English / Basic & Advance Level Computer Course
    Mohd Sameer is an editor at www.free-education.in and a teacher in Wisdom Education Academy. He is very dedicated towards his work.



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