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Hello Learners, As we all know English is a global language which is used mostly in corporate world. Here we have brought some importance sentence for your practice in this spoken English course. Spoken English very important for every one who want to get success in life globally. Because it is used every where for communication.

Why is it important to speak English?

Global Communication:

English is an international language spoken by millions worldwide, enabling effective communication across borders.

Career Opportunities:

Many job positions and industries require English proficiency, opening doors to better job prospects and international careers.

Education Access:

Renowned universities and academic resources are often available in English, facilitating higher education and specialization.

Cultural Exchange:

English fosters understanding among diverse cultures, promoting tolerance and cross-cultural interactions.

Business and Trade:

English is the language of international business, facilitating trade, negotiations, and collaboration on a global scale.

Travel Convenience:

English is commonly spoken in tourist destinations, making travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Entertainment and Media:

A significant portion of movies, music, and literature is in English, enhancing access to global entertainment.

Personal Development:

Learning English enhances cognitive skills, boosts confidence, and broadens personal horizons.

Internet and Technology:

Much of the internet, software, and technological information is in English, enabling access to the digital world.


English proficiency enables effective networking with professionals from diverse backgrounds and regions.

International Relations:

English plays a pivotal role in diplomatic communication and international relations.

Research and Innovation:

English is the language of scientific research and innovation, allowing experts to share and collaborate on breakthroughs.

Improved Communication:

Speaking English facilitates clear and efficient communication in various fields, from healthcare to emergency situations.

Social Interaction:

Knowing English enhances social interactions, allowing you to connect with a broader range of people.

Personal Growth:

Learning a new language like English broadens your skills and contributes to personal growth and self-improvement.

free-education.in, we divided the Spoken English course into two parts

Daily use English Sentences (Click here)

English Grammar (Click Here)

English Grammar is a technique which help us to speak, write and learn English correctly. So follow the English Grammar post to understand technique for English speaking.

and the second part is how can we use all these techniques in day to day life ( Daily use of English Sentences)

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Daily Use English Sentences

English Grammar

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