Complete Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Online Certificate Course In Hindi

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About Course


This is completely free course to learn just only you have to pay 1999 Rs for certificate which is issue by our Aim Foundation on the basis of skill development. Your amount will be used for social cause to help the poor students. So, we are requesting you to make the significant contribution in education development.

Aim Foundation is working on education and social development. Motive of this course  is provide education to poor student and develop society.

The amount you paid will go to foundation for social work. So do you contribution in AIM.

During this Course What will you get

Weekly interactive doubt clearance class.

Complete software and study material support.

Certificate of completion of course after the submission of project.

HVAC Online Certificate Course

HVAC Online Certificate Course

This course has been designed to provide clear knowledge of physics, mathematical calculations, and the engineering behind a Refrigeration and Air conditioning system. All the knowledge provided here is used in modern-day real-life applications.

Contents of This Course:-

Prelude to HVAC

  • Fundamentals
  • Modes of Heat Transfer
  • Sensible Heat and Latent Heat

Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines

  • Basic Refrigeration System or Vapor Compression Cycle
  • Pressure – Enthalpy Chart
  • what are the Function & Types of Compressor
  • Function & Types of Condenser
  • what are Function & Types of Expansion Valve
  • Description Function & Types of Evaporator
  • Accessories used in the System
  • Refrigerant and Brines

Classification of Air-Conditioning System

Window A/C

Working of Window A/C with Line Diagrams

Split A/C

  •  Types of Split A/C
  •  Working of Split A/C with Line Diagrams

Ductable Split A/C

  •      Working of Ductable Split A/C with Line Diagrams
  •   Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)/ Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Ductable Package A/C

Working of Ductable Package A/C with Line Diagrams

Package Roof Top Units

Central Plant Chill Water System

Categories of Air Conditioning

  • All air system
  • All water system
  • Air-water system
  • Direct Refrigerant system

Study of Psychrometric Charts

  • Dry Bulb Temperature
  • Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Humidity Ratio


  •  Heating
  • Cooling
  • Cooling and Dehumidification
  • Heating and Humidification

·         Finding Values Using the Chart

Load Calculation

  • Survey of Building
  • Cooling Load Steps

Finding Temperature difference (ΔT)

  • Wall
  •  Glass
  • Roof
  • Partition

Finding ‘U’ Factor

  • Wall
  • Glass
  • Roof
  • Partition

How to Find Ventilation requirement for IAQ

Load Calculations (Manually using E-20 form)

ESHF, ADP & Air Flow Rate (CFM) Calculation

Air Distribution System

  • Duct-Definition & Terminology
  • And Duct Design consideration
  • Duct sizing methods
  • How to do Duct sizing as per Aspect Ratio
  • Finding Duct size using Ductulator
  • Calculation of Number of sheets for Duct
  • Gauge selection for Sheet Metal
  • Bill of Materials for Duct Network
  • Legends and Symbols used in the HVAC Industry
  • Selection of Diffusers and Grilles
  • Duct Materials and Insulation materials used in HVAC Industry
  • Study of Overseas Drawings
  • Duct Routing – Preparation of single line diagram (SLD)
  • Preparation of Layouts (Double line Diagram – DLD) as per SMACNA rules
  • Openings for Ducts passing through Wall
  • Sectional drawing @ Duct supports
  • Concept of CAV & VAV

Static Pressure Calculation

  • Selection of Motor HP
  • Selection Fan/Blower RPM

Hydronic System

  • Classification of Water Piping
  • Pipe sizing for chill water system
  • Fittings used in the HVAC Piping System
  • Valves used in the HVAC Piping System
  • Function of Valves
  • Openings for CHW Pipes passing through Wall
  • Sectional drawing @ CHW Pipe supports
  • Pump Head Calculation
  • Selection of Pump

Air Conditioning Concepts

Fire Protection (Awareness)

HVAC software’s

XL sheet for Load Calculations

Duct sizer for Duct sizing

TroxCADBase for Diffuser & Grilles

Pipe sizer for Pipe sizing

Psychrometry Software

online hvac course
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What Will You Learn?

  • HVAC Fundamentals
  • HVAC Calculation
  • Application of HVAC
  • Designing of HVAC System

Course Content

Lesson 1: HVAC Introuduction
Why do we need to learn this HVAC certificate course? What is HVAC? What is the scope of HVAC? What the Fields for HVAC Engineer?

  • 1.1 Why do we need to learn hvac course?
  • 1.2 What is HVAC?
  • 1.3 Why is HVAC Important?
  • 1.4 Fields For HVAC Engineer
  • 1.5 Objective of HVAC Engineer || Scope of HVAC || Career path of HVAC Engineer
  • Test

Lesson 2: Brief History of Refrigeration.

Lesson 3: Basic of Thermodynamics

Lesson 4: Introduction and Overview of Air-Conditioner & Refrigeration

Lesson 5: Fundamentals of Refrigeration

Lesson 6: Basic Refrigeration System & Its component

Lesson 7: Elements of Psychrometry

Lesson 8: Some Short Definitions Relative to HVAC
:- DBT :- WBT :- DPT :- RH :- Specific Humidity or Moisture Content :- Enthalpy :- Enthalpy Deviation :- Specific Volume :- Sensible Heat Factor :- Alignment Circle :- Pounds of Dry Air

Lesson 9: Applied Psychrometry
Let us, now see how the various air conditioning procedures will be represented on a Psychometric chart.

Lesson 10: Heat Load Estimation

Lesson 11: Heat Load Calculation

Lesson 12: Heat Load Calculation on Excel Sheet

Lesson 13: Machine Selection

Lesson 14: Duct Sizing

Lesson 15: Air Distribution Terminal

Lesson 16: How to Calculate Static Pressure

Lesson 17: Kitchen Ventilation

Lesson 18: Selection of AHU

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