Hello friends, Wisdom Education Academy providing a free online personality development course. Before starting this course I want to tell you about myself. ( Personality Development Course )

My name is Mohd Sharif. I am an engineer by profession but by choice, I am also a teacher. I have experience in teaching 12+ years as a tutor and 4+ years of experience in the industry. Recently I have started Aim Foundation ( aim for education and social development) to provide quality education to economically weaker sections students at minimum cost. We are working on a no-profit and no-loss concept. Please support our initiative for educational development.

Introduction Video In Hindi

Introduction : Personality Development Course

Online Personality Development Course

I have divided this personality development course into 4 parts where we will learn different aspects of personality development. The four parts of the personality development course are given below….

  • Internal Influence : Part I
  • External Influence: Part II
  • Body Language : Part III
  • Leadership and personal development: Part IV

After the written explanation of the topic, I will give you a video in Hindi which will help you to understand the concept in an easy way.

Before starting this course, you should need to know about yourself so now question is that How to know about your self ?

Personality Development Course By Er. Mohd Sharif

How to Know About Yourself? ( Personality Development Course By Er. Mohd Sharif )

Here I am going to tell you some important points to know about yourself. If you follow these tips you will definitely find out what you want from yourself to get success in life.

Tips 1 : Don’t Think, what other think about you.

Guys, If you want to do any thing in your life just do it. don’t think what other will think about after that. It will help you to do different thing in your life. and can easily find out which is giving your more satisfaction.

Tips 2 : You are the most important in your life.

No body knows you better than you. So you are the most important person in your life. Start giving value to your decision. whatever you want to do just do it now. because whatever knowledge you have. It is waste if you don’t take action on it. so take action now.

Tips 3 : Avoid Negativity around you.

It is most important tips for you if you want to achieve success in your life. Avoid negative minded people or family members or friends who does not give you any kind of positive vibe. In this world no one love you except your parents. All negative minded people will pull you down. So just avoid them or infect disconnect from all of them. and start making connection with positive minded people. who will give you positive vibe.

Tips 4: Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes with your self.

As we all know we are surrounded with lots of distraction in this world like T.V. , Social Media, Mobile, Negative News all around. So it is very important for you to give at least 5 to 10 minute yourself without any distraction or infect alone. And then talk to yourself what you are doing or what you are not doing for your goal. Decide which give you satisfaction or which does not giving you satisfaction. choose the right decision for yourself to choose the right path.

Tips 5: Give Happiness to All.

when you give happiness, you are also feel eternally happiness. and you become positive. you always looking for good thing in bad times. It will help you to become positive mindset person.

Tips 6: Improve your health or fitness.

whatever you achieve in your life. It does not matter if you are not fit or healthy because you can not able to stay there for a long time without healthy life. So Health or Fitness is very important for every person. It also gives you a positive vibe. you do not only need physical health you also need mental health. so eat healthily and do daily exercise to improve your health.

Tips 7: Never say sorry to yourself.

It means you need not to say sorry for whatever you do for your success. if your ethics are good. then never say sorry to yourself.

For Complete Explanation In Hind Watch Video ( How to know about your self )

How to Know About Yourself In Hindi?

Video 1 How to Know About Yourself ( Personality Development Course )

How to Find, What do we want to do in our life?

कैसे पहचाने आप अपनी लाइफ में क्या करना चाहते है ? Personality Development Course By Er. Mohd Sharif

Hello Friends, Now I am going to tell you how can we find out. Actually, what do we want to do in our life? Before Telling you this. Firstly I want to tell the story of two friends. One of them is very intelligent, very punctual and he always ranks first in the class and college. He

And Another one is very naughty, he does whatever he wants to do in his life. He enjoyed every moment of his life. In somehow He passed the exam by a very small margin. But He is the kind of boy who everyone wants to talk him. He is very famous in school not for his marks or intelligence. He goes to every party.

Whereas the First boy is very sincere He works according to his family in that way if his mother says don’t do that then he will not going to do this. He never talks to any girl in his life.

Another one is every-time surrounded with girls. He has lots female friends.

During the college placement, Both are selected in same company. First selected at for high post whereas another one is selected for lower post.

Now friends My Question is that Please tell me who has the great chance to achieve a great position in this company?

Unfortunately who has the low marks has great chance to achieve high position in the company. Now another question is that how is it possible ?

So my friend, the one has one skill which is very important to get success in the company. That skill is communication skill and he knows very well how to represent himself in front of people. That’s why he has great chance.

The motive of this story is that only knowledge is not enough to get success in life. We have to be creative in our life to get success.

Now Let’s come back to our topic personality development. As said above. You are the most important person in your life. yes my friend you are the most important person in your life because no one knows you better than you. which is good for you which not. But Firstly you need find out which thing is better for you.

Now I am going to tell you that How can you find what is better for you.

Tips 1: Don’t think about others. Just think and start doing. No matter what will other think about you.

Because when we think about others we wast lots of our energy in just thinking about others whereas we just need take action on our thought immediately.

Tips 2: Give Rewards to your self

when you start doing. Give rewards to yourself when you achieve any success it does not matter your success is small or big. Just reward yourself. When you start giving rewards yourself you feel that you are achieving something in your life. and it motivates you to do more and more hard work for your goal.

Tips 3: Be Creative

Start doing different different things in your life in a specific time period. it will help you find out which is good for you or which is not. Because when we do different different things in our life. our knowledge and skill improve and specially we have lots option to choose which is good or not for us.

Tips 4: Don’t Say Sorry to your self as I said above.

कैसे पहचाने आप अपनी लाइफ में क्या करना चाहते है ?

How to invest in yourself? (Personality Development Course)

Hello friends, Today we are going to learn about investment. As we heard about the investment in stock market, mutual fund, fixed deposit, investment in property. But Do you know which investment gives the best interest.

So today’s topic is about which is best investment for best interest. Before telling you the secrets about this investment . I tell you a story of two friends who are best friends. Both intelligent and hardworking. But one get huge success in his life and another remain at same as his was early. So now question is what is the difference between in these two friends.

So, my dear friends, I tell you the secrets of the success of the first man. He started to invest in himself. But other doesn’t invest in themselves.

Yes Friends, Investment in our self is the best investment because it can give us huge returns. Whereas we talk about other investment they have their limit.

But when we talk about investment in our self it does not have any limit. we can a huge return according to our skill or our knowledge. That’s why I said. “Investment in yourself pays the best interest.”

Here, I am going to give some important point which will tell you. How can we start investment in our self.

Develop creative thinking!

Start doing something different in a month or week which you have not done before. It will help you develop your creative thinking. Your mind will automatically start thinking and idea’s of thoughts flow in mind.

Work on Self Confidence!

Self confidence is very important for every one. Have you ever seen any person who is successful but not confident. obviously Not. Because confidence define that can we success or not.

Now, Lets talk about how we can improve our confidence. My answer is autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion is that technique in which we talk to our self positive. Like I can do it , I will get success, I have that skill I can do it.

Improve your knowledge

Knowledge is very important to get success in any specific field. Without the knowledge or skill we could not get success in our life. Now question is that how we can improve our knowledge.

You just need to start book reading. In books you will get all the knowledge of life or anything which you want.

As I said, ” Our life is very short to learn from our mistakes.” We need to learn from other mistakes that is the only way to get success very fast.

Improve your health or mental

We have seen lots of people who get success in his life easily. But when they get a single failure in their life. Due to their weak mentality they could not able to survive from their failure. As we know, Getting success can be easily, but stay at that position is more difficult to get success in life. So We have to be strong enough to face difficult situation.

Improve your personal finance

Learn about how can we earn money from money. Increase your financial knowledge as much as you can. Read about Stock market, mutual fund. Learn different way of investment to increase your wealth.

How to invest in yourself

How Can We Improve Our Personality?

Video No 6 will be upload very soon stay connected with us…..

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