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(English First Flight A Letter to God) Summary In English

Lencho’s house and crop
Lencho had his lonely house in the valley. It was situated on the top of a low hill. From there one could see the river and the fields. Lencho had a good crop. But it needed rains badly.

It starts raining
Lencho saw the sky in the north. It had rain clouds. His wife was preparing the dinner. He told her that God willing it would rain. Soon big drops of rain began to fall. Lencho went out to feel the rain on his body. He was very glad. He said that the drops of rain were new coins.

Hailstorm and loss therefrom
But soon the hail rained on everywhere. The fields became white as if covered with salt. The crop was totally destroyed. Lencho became sad. He felt that they would go hungry that year. Also they would have no seeds for the next crop.

Lencho writes to God
But Lencho had a single hope : help from God. He was sure that no one dies of hunger. He had a great belief in God. The following Sunday he went to the post office. He wrote a letter to God to send him one hundred pesos. He wrote ‘God’ as the address.

Postmaster collects money for Lencho
An employee of the post office showed this letter to the postmaster. The postmaster laughed seeing the address. He wished to have such a faith in God. He had had an idea answer the letter. But reading it he found that the writer needed money. It was to keep the faith of the writer. So he asked all his friends and employees to give some money.

Money sent to Lencho
The postmaster could collect only seventy pesos this way put the money in an envelope and addressed it to Lencho. He wrote a single word on it ‘God’ as a signature.

Lencho receives the money
The following Sunday Lencho came to the post office. He asked if there was any letter for him. He was given that letter. Lencho did not show any surprise on seeing the money. He got angry when he counted the money. He felt that God could’not have made a mistake.

Lencho’s letter to God, calls post office employees crooks
Immediately Lencho wrote another letter to God. He put it into the mailbox. The postmaster opened it. Lencho had written in that letter that he had received only seventy pesos. But he had asked for one hundred pesos. He asked God to send him the rest. But God should not send it through the mail. It was because the post office employees were crooks.

CBSE Class 10 (English First Flight A Letter to God)Summary

A Letter to God is a story written by G.L. Fuentes which depicts the firm faith of a poor and simple-minded farmer named Lencho in God. Lencho was poor yet a dedicated farmer. He was hoping for a decent harvest. To his dismay, a hailstorm came suddenly and destroyed all his crops and harvest completely. Seeing the damage, the poor farmer was taken aback and felt sad. However, he had a strong faith in God. He was a learned man who knew how to read and write. Due to his straightforward nature, he was certain that God would definitely help him. Thus, he decided to draft a letter to God while addressing his financial concerns to him. In the letter, he requested God to send him one hundred pesos to sow his fields again and save his family from starvation. Soon he wrote a letter and went to the post office. He placed a stamp on the letter and dropped it into the mailbox.

When the postman took out the letter from the letter-box, he laughed heartily after reading it. He immediately rushed to the postmaster and showed him the strange letter. The postmaster read the letter but laughed out loud when he noticed that the letter was addressed to God. However, he was also moved by the faith of the farmer with which the letter was written to God. He lauded the poor farmer’s unquestionable faith in God and decided to help him. Soon, he asked the employees of the post office to contribute some money as a charity and also gave a part of his salary so that Lencho’s faith in God is not shaken. However, the money collected was a little less than what Lencho had requested from God. The postmaster then put all the money collected in an envelope and addressed it to the poor farmer.

The following Sunday, Lencho went to the post office to check if there was a letter for him. The postmaster gently handed over the letter to him. Lencho was not surprised at all to see the letter with money inside the envelope. He confidently opened the envelope to count the money, but became angry when he saw that there was only seventy pesos in it. He was sure that God could have never made such a grave mistake. He instantly went to the window to ask for paper and ink and wrote another letter to God and dropped it into the letter-box.

When Lencho had left the place, the postmaster opened and read his letter immediately. In it, Lencho had raised a complaint to God that he had initially requested for one hundred pesos, but he was upset to find seventy pesos only. Furthermore, he criticized the post office employees and felt that they must have stolen the remaining thirty pesos from his envelope. He urged God to send him the rest of the money since he was in urgent need of it. However, he requested God not to send the money through the mail because Lencho thought that the post office employees were ‘a bunch of crooks’ who might have stolen the remaining money from the envelope.

Conclusion of (English First Flight A Letter to God)

In the chapter – A Letter to God, we learnt that faith in God has the power to move mountains and satisfy our needs. However, it should also be noted that humanity also prevails in the midst of one’s faith in the Almighty. This story beautifully sketches Lencho’s deep faith in God and how the post office employees helped him anonymously by contributing money from their pockets to help the poor man in crisis. We hope this CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Prose Summary of A Letter to God must have helped students to get a brief understanding about the chapter.

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