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(English First Flight The Hundred Dresses–II ) Summary In English

Miss Mason reads Wanda’s father’s letter
The class was circling the room. A notice from the principal’s office came. Miss Mason read it and clapped her hands. She announced that she had a letter from Wanda’s father. She would read that before the class.

Letter read out
Miss Mason got ready to read the letter. All the students also got ready to listen. Wanda’s father wrote in the letter. He wrote that Wanda and Jake won’t come to the school any more. They were moving away to a big city. No more silly jokes. No more funny names.

Reaction to the letter
There was a deep silence. Miss Mason understood. She told that no one will hurt anyone’s feelings. It was because his or her name was long. What had happened was bad. She asked them to think about that.

Maddie’s reaction at personal level
Maddie could not put her mind to work even in the first period. It was true that she never enjoyed Peggy’s asking Wanda about hundred dresses. She had said nothing. She stood silently. But that was also bad. She was a coward. Peggy never thought that they were mean.

Maddie’s decision
Maddie wondered if she could do something. She wished she could tell Wanda that she hadn’t meant to insult her. She looked at Peggy. Maddie decided to do something. She would find out Wanda Petronski. She and Peggy would climb the Heights. They would tell Wanda that she had won the contest.

Peggy’s mind about Wanda
The school was over. In the afternoon Peggy told Maddie casually to go to Wanda’s house. Peggy told Maddie that she never called her a foreigner. She never thought that Wanda could sense being made fun of. She thought that Wanda was too dumb.

Maddie’s mind about Wanda
Maddie said nothing. She hoped they would find Wanda. She wanted to tell her that they were sorry. She would tell her not to move away to another place.

Wanda’s house reached
At last Peggy and Maddie reached Wanda’s house in the Heights. The house looked shabby but clean. It reminded Maddie of Wanda’s one dress. There was no sign of life there. Peggy knocked on the door. But there was no response. The Petronski had gone. How could they regret ?

Peggy’s thoughts about Wanda
Peggy told Maddie that they couldn’t do anything then. When she asked Wanda about her dress, she had been getting good ideas about her drawings. She might not have won the contest without that.

Maddie at night
Maddie thought about this idea of Peggy. That night she could not sleep. She thought of Wanda, her dress and her house. She thought and thought. At last she reached an important conclusion. She decided to say something if anyone made fun of the other before her. She could lose Peggy’s friendship for that. She would never make anybody unhappy.

Peggy and Maddie write a letter to Wanda
On Saturday Maddie was with Peggy. They were writing a letter to Wanda. It was just a friendly letter. They praised Wanda’s drawings. They had meant to say that theywere sorry. They mailed the letter to Boggins Heights.

No reply from Wanda
There came no reply from Wanda to that letter. Peggy had begun to forget it. Maddie tried to sleep making speeches about Wanda.

Wanda’s letter to Miss Mason
It was Christmas time. On the last day of school Miss Mason showed the class a letter from Wanda. It was addressed to her. Miss Mason read out the letter to the class.

About Wanda’s letter
Wanda wrote to Miss Mason to tell the girls that they could keep those hundred dresses. In her new houie they had a hundred new ones. She wanted Peggy to have the drawing of the green dress with the red trimming. Maddie could have the blue one. She wished Merry Christmas to all.

Reaction of Peggy to it
On way home Maddie and Peggy held their drawings very carefully. All the houses had been decorated beautifully. The air smelled like Christmas. Light reflected different colours on the snow. Peggy told that Wanda’s letter showed that she had got their letter. She liked the place. She also liked them. She had a different way to show that.

About the drawing given to Maddie
Maddie thought differently. She felt sad that she won’t see Wanda again. She couldn’t ever really make things right between them. She pinned the drawing in the bedroom. She looked at it and said nothing. She felt Wanda had been nice to her. She had tears in her eyes. She studied the drawing carefully. She noticed the face and head of the drawing. It looked like her own head and mouth. Wanda had drawn it for her. She ran to Peggy to tell all this.

Maddie and Peggy together
Maddie told Peggy that Wanda had drawn the drawing for her. Actually she had drawn both of them in her drawings. Peggy told Maddie that she did not say that Wanda had liked them, anyway. Maddie agreed. She had tears when she thought of Wanda looking at the laughing girls. There were a hundred of them there.

#(First Flight The Hundred Dresses–II)

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