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(English First Flight The Hundred Dresses–I ) Summary In English

#(First Flight The Hundred Dresses – I)

Wanda Petronski’s Seat
It was Monday. Wanda Petronski was not in her seat. Nobody including Peggy and Madeline saw her absence. They started all the fun. Wanda’ used to sit in the next to the last seat in the last row. It was in Room 13. She sat in the corner of the room. Rough boys usually sat there. There was the most noise of the feet when some fun occurred.

More about Wanda
Wanda was a very quiet girl. She rarely said something. No one had ever heard her laugh out loud. She used to sit there. No one knew why. It was because she came from Boggins Heights. Her feet had mud on them.

When they thought of Wanda
The students thought of Wanda only outside the school hours. They waited for her to have fun with her going to or coming from home. Wanda did not come to school on Tuesday also.

Of Peggy and Maddie
On Wednesday Peggy and Maddie thought of Wanda. They sat in the front. They got good marks. Peggy was the most popular in school. She was pretty and had curly hair. Maddie was her closest friend. They wanted to have fun with Wanda. So they got late. Due to this they saw that Wanda was absent.

Of other children
Most of the children in that room didn’t have names like that of Wanda. They had American names like Thomas, Smith or Allen. There was a boy named, Willie Bounce. People thought that he was funny. But he was not funny like Wanda Petronski.

Wanda and the other children in School
Wanda didn’t have any friends. She always wore a faded blue loose dress. It was clean. But it looked as if it had never been ironed. A lot of girls talked to Wanda. They surrounded her in the school yard. She stood looking at them playing hopscotch.

Girls make fun of Wanda
Peggy would make fun of Wanda. She would ask her how many dresses she had in her almirah. Wanda would say ‘A hundred’. Then all the girls would stop playing and listen. The girls would aslj if they were of silk or velvet. Wanda would reply in positive. They would further ask Wanda how many pairs of shoes she had. She would say ‘sixty pairs’. Then they would laugh and laugh.

More of Peggy
Peggy was not cruel. She protected small children from bullies. If somebody asked her if she didn’t behave cruelly with Wanda she would reply differently. She would say why Wanda had spoken of her hundred dresses. She would say that Wanda was not an ordinary person. Her name suggested that. But the girls never made Wanda cry.

Of Maddie
Maddie felt it bad that they had been bothering Wanda like that. It was because like Wanda she herself was poor. But she neither lived in Boggins Heights nor had a funny name like that of Wanda.

Maddie’s feelings about Wanda
When Peggy asked Wanda those questions, Maddie would feel bad. She would study the marbles in her hand. But she did not feel sorry for Wanda. She wished Peggy stop asking Wanda about dresses. She was Peggy’s closest friend.

Maddie’s desire for Peggy
That day both Peggy and Maddie were late to school. Maddie was glad that Wanda was not made fun of. She was working out her arithmetic problems. She lacked courage to ask Peggy stop making fun of Wanda. So she wanted to write Peggy a note about it.

Maddie pictures herself being made fun of
Maddie started writing that note to Peggy. Suddenly she shook. She pictured herself in the school yard as a new target for Peggy and the girls. Peggy might ask her about her dress. She would say that it was one of Peggy’s old ones. Her mother had trimmed it so that no one would recognise it.

Maddie’s thought
Maddie wished Peggy stopped making fun of Wanda. Maddie tore the note into pieces. She was Peggy’s best friend. Peggy was the most liked girl in the whole room. She thought Peggy would not do anything that was really wrong.

Maddie thinks of Wanda
Maddie thought of Wanda then. She hardly said anything to anybody. She only spoke of the hundred dresses. Maddie remembered her telling about one of her dresses, pale blue with coloured trimmings.

Maddie’s thought about the drawing contest
After that Maddie started thinking who would win the drawing and colour contest. She thought Peggy would win the girls’ medal. She drew better than anyone else in the room. They would all know about that the next day.

In the school the next day
The next day it drizzled. Peggy and Maddie did not wait for Wanda. They did not want to be late to school. They entered the classroom. There were drawings and drawings all over the room. They were in bright colours.

Winners announced
The class had assembled. Miss Mason announced the winners. Jack Beggles had won for the boys. He had sketched an outboard motor. The drawing was displayed in room 12. As for the girls Wanda was the winner of the girls’ medal. But Wanda was absent that day. Miss Mason asked the children to look at Wanda’s beautiful drawing.

Reaction of Peggy and Maddie to Wanda’s drawings
Seeing the drawing, the children clapped their hands in joy. The boys whistled with fingers in their mouths. They were not interested in dresses. Maddie whispered to Peggy to look at the blue dress. Wanda had told them about it earlier. Peggy referred to the green one also. She added that she had thought she could draw.

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