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Q. 51. Strain rosetters are used to

  1. a) measure shear strain
  2. b) measure linear strain
  3. c) measure volumetric strain
  4. d) relieve strain

Q. 52. The ultimate tensile stress for mild steel is …….. the ultimate compressive stress.

  1. a) equal b)less than c) more than

Q. 53. Modular ratio of the two materials is the ratio of their modulus of elasticities. (True)

Q. 54. Show the Relation Between Modulus of E, K & G

Q. 55. Principle plane is a plane on which the shear stress is

  1. a) zero
  2. b) minimum
  3. c) maximum

Q. 56. The energy stored in a body when strained within elastic limit is known as

  1. a) Resilience
  2. b) Strain Energy

Q.57. The total energy stored in a body is termed as

  1. a) resilience
  2. b) proof resilience
  3. c) impact energy
  4. d) modulus of resilience

Q. 58. A beam which is fixed at one end and free at the other end is called cantilever beam (True)

Q. 59. A beam supported at its both ends is not a simply supported beam (False)

Q. 60. A beam encastered at both the ends is called (Fixed Beam)

Q. 61. A beam extending beyond the supports is called ………(Overhanging beam)

Q. 62. A beam supported on more than two supports is called continuous beam (Yes)

Q. 63. The shear force at a point on a beam is the algebraic ……….. of all the forces on either side of the point.

  1. a) Sum
  2. b) Difference

Q. 64. The bending moment at a point on a beam is the algebraic………. of all the moments on either side of the point.

  1. a) Sum
  2. b) Difference

Q. 65. The bending moment on a section is maximum where shear force is

  1. a) minimum
  2. b) maximum
  3. c) change sign
  4. d) zero

Q. 66 The bending moment at the free end of a contilever beam is

  1. a) zero
  2. b) minimum
  3. c) maximum

Q. 67. When cantilever beam is loaded with concentrated loads, the bending moment diagram will be a

  1. a) horizontal straight line
  2. b) vertical straight line
  3. c) inclined straight line
  4. d) parabolic curve

Q. 68. The bending moment diagram for a cantilever beam loaded with uniformly distributed load will be parabolic curve. (True)

Q. 69. The maximum bending moment of a cantilever beam, lies at the fixed end. (True)

Q. 70. The point of contraflexure is a point where ( Note it occures only in overhanging beam)

  1. a) shear force changes sign
  2. b) bending moment changes sign
  3. c) shear force is maximum
  4. d) bending moment is maximum

Q. 71. In a beam where shear force changes sign, the bending moment will be ………. (Maximum).

Q.72. Give the assumption, generally made in the theory of simple bending is that

  1. a) the beam material is perfectly homogenous and isotropic
  2. b) the beam material is stressed within its elastic limit
  3. c) the plane sections before bending remain plane after bending
  4. d) all of the above

Q. 73. When a beam is subjected to a bending moment, the strain in a layer is…………. the distance from the neutral axis.

  1. a) inversely proportional to
  2. b) directly proportional to

Q. 74. What is Bending Equation ?

Q. 75. A section of beam is said to be in pure bending, if it is subjected to constant bending moment and zero shear force. (True)

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