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Class 10th notes (Download pdf notes)

Science Notes

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Math Notes

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Chapter 1: chemical equation

Chapter 2: acid and base and salt

Chapter 3: Metals and non metals

chapter 4 carbon & its compound

chapter 5 periodic classification of elements

chapter 6 life process

chapter 7 control and cordination

chapter 8 how do organism reproduced

chapter 9 heredity and evolution

chapter10 light reflection and refraction

chapter11 human eye and colour full world

chapter 12 Electriciy

chapter 13 Magnetic Effect of electric current

chapter 14 source of energy

chapter 15 our environment

chapter 16 management of natural sources

  1. Chapter 1 Revision Notes on Real Numbers
  2. Chapter 2 Revision Notes on Polynomials
  3. Chapter 3 Revision Notes on Pair of linear equation in two variables
  4. Chapter 4 Revision Notes on Quadratic Equations
  5. Chapter 5 Revision Notes on Arithmetic Progressions
  6. Chapter 6 Revision Notes on Triangles
  7. Chapter 7 Revision Notes on Coordinate Geometry
  8. Chapter 8 Revision Notes on Introduction to Trigonometry
  9. Chapter 9 Revision Notes on Some Applications of Trigonometry
  10. Chapter 10 Revision Notes on Circle
  11. Chapter 11 Revision Notes on Construction
  12. Chapter 12 Revision Notes on Areas Related to Circles
  13. Chapter 13 Revision Notes on Surface Areas and Volumes
  14. Chapter 14 Revision Notes on Statistics
  15. Chapter 15 Revision Notes on Probability

Social Science Study

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सामाजिक विज्ञान क्लास 10 नोट्स

For Hindi Medium

Class 10th History Chapter 1st (For Hindi Medium)

For History (English Medium)

For Geography (English Medium)

For Political Science (English Medium)

For Economics (English Medium)


कक्षा 10 इतिहास नोट्स

कक्षा 10 भूगोल नोट्स
कक्षा 10 राजनीति विज्ञान नोट्स

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