Hello Students! Welcome to this comprehensive and invaluable guide to All in One English Class 10. Within these pages, you will discover an extensive array of resources meticulously designed to empower you in excelling in your English studies. From enhancing your grammar and enriching your vocabulary to delving into the captivating realms of literature and refining your writing skills, this article is your ultimate repository of knowledge. So, brace yourself to embark on a journey that will not only amplify your understanding but also equip you to confidently conquer your upcoming exams with remarkable success!


English is undeniably a vital subject for Class 10 students as it not only diligently builds their language skills but also effectively prepares them for the realms of effective communication and critical thinking. Furthermore, The All in One English Class 10 curriculum offers a holistic and well-structured approach to learning, comprehensively encompassing grammar syllabus, literature and writing syllabus, Solution, and Notes. Within this remarkably comprehensive all-in-one guide, you guys are not only going to gain a profound understanding of various multifaceted aspects of the subject but will also be equipped with valuable insights and expert tips, ensuring your resounding success throughout your academic journey.

All in One English Class 10 – A Holistic Overview

Here, within the realm of education, The All in One English Class 10 curriculum is thoughtfully designed with meticulous precision to not only enhance students’ language proficiency but also to fervently instill a deep-rooted love for literature and the intricate nuances of language arts. Now, let’s embark on an enlightening journey as we explore the various meticulously crafted components of this comprehensive syllabus:


1. Section – AReading Skills20 Marks
2. Section – BWriting Skills with Grammar20 Marks
3. Section – CLanguage through Literature40 Marks
Class 10 English Syllabus
Section A
Reading Skills
I. Reading Comprehension through Unseen Passage (20 Marks)
Discursive passage of 400-450 words. (10 marks)
Case-based factual passage (with visual input- statistical data/chart etc.) of 200-250 words.
(10 marks)
Class 10 English Section- A

Section – B : Writing Skills and Grammar : 20 Marks

Part II : English Grammar: Building the Foundation

A solid understanding of grammar forms the foundation of effective communication. In this section, we will cover essential grammar topics. And According to class 10 syllabus grammar topics which are include give below:

Class 10 Grammar Syllabus

Grammar of Class 10 Conten 10 Marks

  1. Determiners
  2. Tenses
  3. Modals
  4. Subject-Verb Concord
  5. Reported Speech
  6. Commands and Requests
  7. Statements
  8. Questions
  9. The syllabus of 10 class grammar need high professional grasp of grammatical items and levels of accuracy. Here we need to use of spelling, punctuation and grammar in context will be assessed through Gap Editing/Transformation/Filling exercises.

Part III : Writing Skills: Crafting Artful Compositions

Effective writing is an essential life skill. In this section, You will cover different types of writing, including:

Class 10 Writing Skill

Writing Section Conten 10 marks

a) Writing a Formal Letter based on a given situation, in 100-120 words. : 5 marks

b) Writing an Analytical Paragraph in100-120 words on a given Map / Chart / Graph / Cue/ s . : 5 marks

Section – C : Language through Literature : 40 Marks

IV. Reference to the Context(5+5 = 10 Marks)
6.One extract out of two from Drama / Prose.
7. One extract out of two from poetry.
Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions Very Short Answer Questions (one word/
One sentence), Short Answer Questions (to be answered in 30-40 words) will be asked to
assess inference, analysis,interpretation, evaluation and vocabulary.
V. Short & Very Long Answer Questions30 Marks
8. Four out of Five Short Answer Type Questions to be answered in 40-50 words from the book
FIRST FLIGHT to assess interpretation, analysis, inference and evaluation.
4×3=12 marks
9. Two out of Three Short Answer Type Questions to be answered in 40-50 words each from
FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET to assess interpretation, analysis, inference and
2×3=6 marks
10. One out of two Long Answer Type Questions from FIRST FLIGHT to be answered in about
100-120 words each to assess creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and
across the text. This canbe a passage-based question taken from a situation/plot from the
6 marks
11. One out of two Long Answer Type Questions from FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET, on
theme or plot involving interpretation, extrapolation beyond the text and inference or
character sketch to be answered in about 100-120 words.
6 marks
All in One English Class 10

Prescribed Books: Published by NCERT, New Delhi 2023-24

All in One English Class 10 : First Flight Notes and Solution

First Flight is a comprehensive English textbook designed for Class 10 students. This book contain chapters of English language literature and communication. With carefully curated texts and thought-provoking exercises, First Flight aims to enhance students’ language skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity.

The book has different sections and each section focusing on essential aspects of the English language. The chapters of first flight cover various genres of literature, including short stories, poems and essays, introducing students to the works of renowned authors from different cultures and time periods. By analyzing these literary pieces, students can gain insights into different perspectives and themes, fostering a deeper appreciation for the power of words.

A. Prose

Summary in English and HindiNCERT Solution
i. A Letter to God SummaryA Letter to God NCERT Solution
ii. Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to FreedomNelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom NCERT Solution
iii. Two Stories About FlyingTwo Stories About Flying NCERT Solution
iv. From the Diary of Anne FrankFrom the Diary of Anne Frank NCERT Solution
v. Glimpses of IndiaGlimpses of India NCERT Solution
vi. Mijbil the OtterMijbil the Otter NCERT Solution
vii. Madam Rides the BusMadam Rides the Bus NCERT Solution
viii. The Sermon at BenaresThe Sermon at Benares NCERT Solution
ix. The Proposal (Play)The Proposal (Play) NCERT Solution
All in One English Class 10

B. Poems

Summary in English and HindiNCERT Solution
1. Dust of SnowDust of Snowj NCERT Solution
2. Fire and IceFire and Ice NCERT Solution
3. A Tiger in the ZooA Tiger in the Zoo NCERT Solution
4. How to Tell Wild AnimalsHow to Tell Wild Animals NCERT Solution
5. The Ball PoemThe Ball Poem NCERT Solution
6. Amanda!Amanda! NCERT Solution
7. The TreesThe Trees NCERT Solution
8. FogFog NCERT Solution
9. The Tale of Custard the DragonThe Tale of Custard the Dragon NCERT Solution
10. For Anne GregoryFor Anne Gregory NCERT Solution
All in One English Class 10

Footprints Without Feet : All in One English Class 10

Footprints Without Feet is an intriguing English supplementary book for Class 10 students, carefully curated to ignite their imagination and transport them to a world of wonder and creativity. This captivating book presents a collection of extraordinary tales that delve into the realms of fantasy, mystery, and the unknown.

The book is contain diverse range of short stories that captivate readers with their unique narratives and thought-provoking themes. Through these tales, students embark on thrilling adventures, encounter magical beings, and explore the depths of human emotions. Each story serves as a literary gem, unraveling valuable life lessons and profound insights.

Footprints Without Feet not only showcases the literary brilliance of renowned authors but also effectively encourages students to engage deeply with the texts. Moreover, the stories challenge students to think critically, analyze characters and plot developments meticulously, and reflect profoundly on the deeper meanings concealed within the lines.

Summary in English and HindiNCERT Solution
1. A Triumph of SurgeryA Triumph of Surgery NCERT Solution
2. The Thief’s StoryThe Thief’s Story NCERT Solution
3. The Midnight VisitorThe Midnight Visitor NCERT Solution
4. A Question of TrustA Question of Trust NCERT Solution
5. Footprints Without FeetFootprints Without Feet NCERT Solution
6. The Making of a ScientistThe Making of a Scientist NCERT Solution
7. The NecklaceThe Necklace NCERT Solution
8. BholiBholi NCERT Solution
9. The Book that Saved the EarthThe Book that Saved the Earth NCERT Solution
All In One English Class 10

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the significance of the All in One English Class 10 syllabus?

The All in One English Class 10 syllabus plays a crucial role in shaping students’ language skills, literature appreciation, and writing proficiency. It provides a holistic approach to English education, preparing students for effective communication and success in various fields.

Q2: How can I excel in English grammar?

To excel in English grammar, practice is key. Regularly engage in grammar exercises, read extensively, and seek guidance from teachers or language experts. Additionally, use grammar in daily conversations and writing to reinforce your learning.

Q3: How can I build a strong vocabulary?

Building a strong vocabulary requires consistent effort. Read a variety of books and articles, maintain a vocabulary journal, and use new words in your writing and speaking. Playing word games and engaging with word-related activities can also be helpful.

Q4: Which literary works will I study in All in One English Class 10?

The All in One English Class 10 curriculum includes a diverse selection of literary works, ranging from classic novels to poetry, short stories, and drama. Some popular works might include pieces from renowned authors like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or William Wordsworth.

Q5: How can I improve my writing skills?

Improving writing skills involves regular practice and self-reflection. Write regularly, seek feedback from teachers or peers, and edit your work to refine your writing. By doing Reading extensively can also expose you to different writing styles and techniques.

Q6: How can I prepare effectively for the English Class 10 exams?

Effective exam preparation involves creating a study schedule, understanding the syllabus thoroughly, practicing sample papers, and seeking help when needed. Revise regularly and stay focused on your goals to achieve success in your English exams.

The All in One English Class 10 syllabus encompasses all aspects of the English language, literature, and writing. By diligently studying grammar, expanding vocabulary, appreciating literature, honing writing skills, and enhancing reading comprehension, students can excel in this subject. So if you want to Embrace the journey of language learning, and it will undoubtedly enrich your life in countless ways.

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