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Fog Summary In English

In this poem, the poet has beautifully shown how the fog comes stealing forward just like a cat does. Just as the cat sits on its haunches, the fog too seems to be sitting quietly watching the harbour and the city and then quietly moves onwards.

The poet Carl Sandburg gives a wonderful comparison between the fog and a kitten. When it arrives, it is so slow that you hardly notice it until you see or feel it. The same happens with the fog. No body can predict about the arrival of fog. Fog arrives quietly and engulfs the entire place and stay on for some time. It creates troubles for everyone but stays there. It is not aware of what is happening around it. Fog causes many hurdles and incidents but it does not stay at one place for a long time. [After some time, when problems are over, the fog also disappears and it becomes clear all around.] As problems are over in due course of time’ in the same manner fog also disappears and it becomes clear all around.

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