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Challenges to Democracy CBSE Class 10 Democratic policies Textbook Solutions

Challenges to Democracy CBSE Class 10 Democratic policies NCERT

Writing your own definition of a good democracy.
A country, with a government that has been elected freely and equally, by all its citizens, is a good Democracy. It is a system of government based on the principle of majority decision-making. A democracy is the control of an organization by its members, who have a free and equal right to participate in the decision-making processes.
“Democracy is like the experience of life itself – always changing, infinite in its variety, sometimes turbulent and all the more valuable for having been tested for adversity.” – Jimmy Carter, American President, in his speech to the Indian Parliament.

Challenges to Democracy CBSE Class 10 Democratic policies NCERT

Features of a democracy.
1.A democracy should have the power to change its rulers if they are not good.
2. It should reduce social and economic difference among all its citizens.
3. All people should have equal rights and opportunities irrespective of their caste creed or religion
4. Minorities have to be included in the decision making process
5. Gender discrimination should not be encouraged
6. Money power should not play a role during elections
7. The government should work within the frame of the constitution

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