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Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter 11 Constructions

The angle bisector bisects the angle exactly _____


We know that the bisector of an angle is a ray whose endpoint is the vertex of the angle and which divides the angle into two equal angles.

Which of the properties given below is false regarding a square?

A square is a particular case of a rectangle only

We know that the square is a combination of the properties of a rectangle and a rhombus, i.e. with four congruent sides similar to rhombus and with four right angles same as a rectangle.

If you are given only a compass and a ruler which angle is not possible to construct?


We know that it is not possible to construct an angle which is not a multiple of 15. Angle 40 is not a multiple of 15. while 120 is multiple of 15. Angle 37.5 is formed by an angular bisector of angle 75 which is again a multiple of 15. Angle 33.75 is formed by bisecting angle 135 two times, is also a multiple of 15.

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