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Frequently Asked Questions on Chapter 6 Triangles

Sides of triangles are given 7cm, 24cm, 25cm. Determine whether it is a right triangle? In case of a right triangle, write the length of its hypotenuse.

The sides of the triangle are 7cm, 24cm, and 25cm.

Let us square the lengths of the sides, we get

49, 576, and 625.


49 + 576 = 625

(7)^2 + (24)^2 = (25)^2

Therefore, the above equation satisfies Pythagoras theorem.

Hence, it is a right angled triangle.

The length of Hypotenuse = 25 cm

Give two different examples of pair of, (i) Similar figures, (ii) Non-similar figures

Similar Figures are:

Two equilateral triangles

Two rectangles

Non-similar Figures are:

Triangle, Rhombus

Rectangle, Trapezium

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