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Urban Administration Class 6 Notes Social Science Civics Chapter 7

Ward Councillor:

  • The Ward Councillors are responsible for the construction of hospitals.
  • They are elected by the people living in that ward/area.
  • Groups of Councillors make decisions on policy-making.
  • Committees of Ward Councillors look after water, garbage collection and street lighting.

Duties of the Ward Councillors:

  • Ward Councillors make the budget.
  • They look into the demands of their respective Wards.
  • They assign the task of implementation to the administrative staff.

Administrative Staff:

  • Ward people can approach Ward Councillors regarding their problems, within a Ward. Members of the Councillor Committees decide on various issues.
  • Commissioner and the administrative staff implement the issues.
  • Commissioner and administrative staff are appointed people.
  • Ward Councillors are elected.

Municipal Council:

  • It is an Administrative Department in the cities.
  • It supervises the Division of work in different departments.
  • It includes the Departments of water, garbage collection, construction of roads, sanitation, etc.

Municipal Corporation:

  • Takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, etc.
  • Creates awareness about epidemics such as malaria, dengue, etc.
  • Teaches people about preventive measures to avoid diseases.
  • Runs schools, hospitals and dispensaries.

Community Protest:

  • Ward Community can submit its petition to the Ward Councillor.
  • Collective action taken is by the Ward Engineer and Ward Council.
  • Petitions are forwarded to the Municipal Corporation Office.
  • Municipal Corporation solves the issues.

Municipality: A place with own local government: a city, town or another area.

In the city, there is the Municipal Corporation that takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the markets clean.

The Municipal Corporation is also responsible for ensuring that diseases do not break out in the city.

In smaller towns, these works are done by a little bit smaller organisation known as a
Municipal Council.

The city is divided into different wards and ward councillors get elected.

The complicated decisions that affect the entire city are taken by groups of Councillors who form committees to decide and debate issues.

When the problems are within a ward then the people who live in the ward can contact their Councillors.

After the decisions taken by Councillor’s Committees and the Councillors, the Commissioner and the administrative staff implement them.

The Commissioner and the administrative staff are appointed while the Councillors are elected.

As the city is so large, the work here is divided into different departments, such as the water department, the garbage collection departments, sanitation department, etc.

Municipal Council: The organisation that looks after the welfare of small towns is known as Municipal Council.

Municipal Corporation: The organisation that takes care of big cities is known as Municipal Corporation.

Councillor: The elected representative of the ward.

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