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Honeydew Poem Chapter 1 The Ant and the Cricket Questions From Textbook


Question 1:
The cricket says, “Oh! What will become of me?” When does he say it, and why?
The cricket speaks these words when in his home he finds no food to eat in winter.

Question 2:
(i) Find in the poem the lines that mean the same as “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” (Shakespeare).
The line is: But we ants never borrow; we ants never lend.

(ii) What is your opinion of the ant’s principles?
The ant’s principle is not bad. It teaches a lesson to everybody to plan for the rainy day.

Question 3:
The ant tells the cricket to “dance the winter away.” Do you think the word ‘dance’ is appropriate here? If so, why?
The word ‘dance’ here means ‘merry making and wasting time.’ It is appropriate here. The irresponsible cricket does not deserve any sympathy.

Question 4:
(i) Which lines in the poem express the poet’s comment? Read them aloud.
The poet’s comment is expressed in the last two lines.
“Folks call this a fable, 111 warrant it true.”

(ii) Write the comment in your own words.
People say that this story of the cricket and the ant is imaginary or a fable with a moral. But I think that the story is true and educative. Some people live only in the present. They spend what they earn, and make merry. But they regret this habit later on.

Question 5:
If you know a fable in your own language narrate it to your classmates.
Attempt yourself.

Honeydew Poem Chapter 1 More Questions Solved

Question 1:
Narrate the story of the ant and the cricket in about 50 words. What moral or message does it convey?
The cricket was fun-loving. He enjoyed singing all through summer. He did not store any food for winter. Naturally the silly creature began to starve. There was only snow all around. He was wet. He decided to go to the ant to ask for help and shelter. He promised to repay the borrowed food on the next day.
The ant told that they neither lend nor borrow. Since the cricket had been singing in summer, he should dance the winter away.

Question 2:
Bring out the central idea of the poem, The Ant and the Cricket.
This poem conveys a very realistic message. It shows if one does not think for future, he is destined to suffer. The cricket in the story represents those human beings who are not wise enough to save for future. Such poor fellows face very awkward situation as the cricket had to. It is a humiliating situation. It makes them weak and morally down. But there are people like the ant who are bold. Their boldness is only due to their planned life. They live happily forever. It is our real life. We should be like the ant not the cricket. It makes our life comfortable.

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