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Golu Grows a Nose NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

Golu Grows a Nose Exercises Question and Answer

Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
Whom does Golu ask, “Why don’t you ever fly like other birds?”
Golu is the baby elephant. He asks ostrich as to why he does not fly like other birds.

Question 2.
Which uncle of Golu had red eyes?
Hippopotamus, the huge uncle of Golu had red eyes.

Question 3.
Golu’s relatives did not answer his questions because
(i) they were shy..
(ii) the questions were too difficult.
(iii) Golu was a naughty boy.
(ii) the questions were too difficult.

Question 4.
Who advised Golu to go to the Limpopo river ?
Mynah had suggested to Golu that he should go to the Limpopo river to find out his

Question 5.
Why did Golu go to the river ?
Golu had gone to the river to find out what the crocodile has for dinner. He had never seen a crocodile and wanted to know how he looked like.

Question 6.
The crocodile lay on the bank of the Limpopo river. Golu thought it was :
(i) a living crocodile
(ii) a dead crocodile.
(iii) a log of wood.
(iii) a log of wood.

Question 7.
What did the crocodile do to show that it was a real crocodile ?
Crocodile shed crocodile tears to show that it was the real crocodile.

Question 8.
“Come here, little one, and I’ll whisper the answer to you.”
The crocodile said this because :
(i) he couldn’t stand up.
(ii) he wanted to eat Golu.
(iii) Golu was deaf..
(ii) he wanted to eat Golu.

Question 9.
Who helped Golu on the bank of the river?
The python had helped Gólu on the bank of the river. Golu got freed from crocodile because of python’s help and advice.

Question 10.
Name two things the elephant can do with his trunk, and two he cannot.
The elephant can pluck large bundle of grass and can scoop mud from the bank with the . help of his trunk. But an elephant cannot walk and eat his food with his trunk.

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