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The Cop and the Anthem NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

The Cop and the Anthem Exercises Question and Answer

Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
What are some of the signs of approaching winter referred to in the text ?
In the story there are many signs to show that winter is coming. These signs are :

  • Birds begin to fly South.
  • People feel the need of new warm coats.
  • A dead leaf fell at Soapy’s feet indicating onset of autumn season.

Question 2.
Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ against each of the following:
(i) Soapy did not want to go to prison
(ii) Soapy had been to prison several times.
(iii) It was not possible for Soapy to survive in the city through the winter……
(iv) Soapy hated to answer questions of a personal nature.
(i) False
(ii) True
(iii) True
(iv) True

Question 3.
What was Soapy’s first plan ? Why did it not work?
Soapy’s first plan was to go to some fine restaurant. After eating there, he would say that he had no money to pay. He thought that then the cop would be called and he would be taken to the Blackwell Island. But his plan failed because his broken shoes and torn trousers were noticed. He was then not allowed to enter the restaurant.

Question 4.
“But the cop’s mind would not consider Soapy”. What did the cop not consider, and why?
Soapy was homeless and jobless. To avoid winter months he wanted to go to jail in Blackwell Island for three months. So he broke a window of a shop with a big stone. But the cop did not consider him the culprit. He thought that those who break the window do not stop to talk to cops.

Question 5.
“We have orders to let them shout.” What is the policeman referring to ?
The policeman is referring to college students who shout after drinking. He said it when Soapy was shouting and making noise after posing himself as a drunkard. The policeman said that college students don’t hurt and shout only. So he has orders to let them shout.

Question 6.
Write “True” or “False” against each of the following.
(i) Soapy stole a man’s umbrella…………….
(ii) The owner of the umbrella offered to give it to Soapy………
(iii) The man had stolen the umbrella that was now Soapy’s. ……………
(iv) Soapy threw away the umbrella ……………
(i) True
(ii) True
(iii) True
(iv) True

Question 7.
“There was a sudden and wonderful change in his soul”. What brought about the change in Soapy ?
Seeing his old childhood home, the peaceful and bright moon in the sky and hearing of sweet music had great effect on Soapy. He had self-realisation to find again a purpose in life. All his brought a sudden change in his soul. He wished to pull him out of this mud. He wished to become a man again.

Discuss the following topics in groups :

Question 1.
Suppose no cop came at the end. What would Soapy’s life be like through the winter ?
Soapy was homeless and jobless. His life was dull and inactive. He wanted to lead an easy life. He was trying to find food and shelter by going to jail in Blackwell’s Island. But Soapy had a self-realisation. He wished to find a job and pull himself up from the mud and be a man again.

I think if no cop would have come at the end, Soapy would have been a normal, law-abiding citizen. He would have found a job. He would have become a responsible citizen. There would have been a positive change in Soapy’s life.

Question 2.
Retell an episode in the story which is a good example of irony in a situation.
There are so many examples of irony in a situation. The irony of the situation arises when Soapy really wants to go to the prison for three months. He indulges in slightly lawless activities. But he does not attract the attention of cops in any way. As a result of it, a change comes over in his mind.

He wants to find a job and lead a normal life again. His changed spirits give him courage. But just then something happens opposite to what he wants at that time. He is taken to prison by the cops when he has abandoned hope of it at all. It happened when he has self-realisation and wishes to lead a normal, positive life.

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