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It is study of production of electricity from energy which is released during spontaneous chemical reaction and the use of electrical energy to bring about non-spontaneous chemical transformation.

There are two types of cells:-

  1. Electrochemical Cells (Galvanic Cell)
  2. Electrolytic Cells

Some Basic Definitions:-

:- Oxidation:- Loss of electron ( Zn ——-> Zn+2  + 2e– )

:- Reduction :- Gain of electron (Cu+2 + 2e– —-> Cu)

:- Electrolyte:- A Solution that contains ions is called electrolyte. Electrolyte is an ionic conductor.

:- Electrode :- Surface at which oxidation or reduction take place.

:- Redox Reaction :- An oxidation-reduction (redox) rection.

Zn + Cu+2 ————>  Zn+2  +  Cu


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